PeerGFS v4.6.0 is now available

The Peer Software team is pleased to announce the general availability of PeerGFS v4.6.0. This is a Major Release that is immediately available for purchase, trial download, and as an upgrade for Peer customers subscribed to PeerLink and PeerGFS Software Maintenance and Support.

PeerGFS v4.6.0 features next generation capabilities including a new API and Scheduled Replication, as well as updates to Java and integrated third-party libraries. It is available as an in-place upgrade for both recent PeerGFS deployments as well as legacy PeerLink deployments. Consequently, this release officially retires PeerLink, which is now at “End of Support” per the Peer Software Lifecycle Policy. Customers with active maintenance agreements who are still using PeerLink v3.8 (PMC v4.2) are eligible for a no-charge upgrade to PeerGFS.

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What’s New

  • Added a new API for querying information from the PMC and running jobs.
  • Introduced Scheduled Replication capabilities to enable specified files and folders to be processed on a configurable timetable.
  • Added custom roles for users accessing the PMC’s web client.
  • Reintroduced the dashboard within the PMC client and added new charts.
  • Upgraded Malicious Event Detection (MED) with enhanced pattern matching control and customization.
  • Improved replication of files with paths that contain complex Unicode characters.

Bug Fixes and Other Updates

  • Upgraded Java to AdoptOpenJDK 15.0.2 and updated dependency libraries.
  • Fixed various scenarios that would lead to incorrect file quarantines.
  • Improved offline delete logic to help prevent resynchronization of previously deleted files.
  • Fixed issues with Windows Driver and NetApp cDOT real-time detection.


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