Native Cloud Backup/Replication

Enhance cloud strategies for data protection and analytics

Sound familiar?

Organizations are looking to the cloud to better support business strategies that impact bottom line results.  Successful planning
and execution are greatly dependent on selecting the right technologies.

Cloud Computing Services Network

Flexible restore options are key to use the cloud for backup

There are times when a single file needs to be recalled, and other times when a point-in-time needs to be restored.  This level of flexibility and control is critical, especially in times of Ransomware.

Quality, Cost, Efficiency, Speed

Enabling cloud analytics is difficult

Cloud analytics, machine learning, and AI offer significant benefits in opera-tional efficiency, market forecasting, and productivity.  Leveraging these value-added offerings can be difficult when the data in cloud object storage is not easily accessible.

Head in the Cloud

We’re going to the cloud, but we’re not sure how

Most business strategies today include cloud initiatives, if not cloud-first mandates.  Easily moving data from on-premises storage systems is one of the leading challenges.

Peer Global File Service

Peer Software simplifies the journey to the cloud with solutions that support existing infrastructure.  PeerGFS is a software-only solution that integrates with all major storage platforms and supports standard file formats and object storage APIs.  There is no need to adopt a new proprietary file system or deploy specialized hardware to take advantage of cloud benefits.

  • Peer Software provides intelligent tools that provide valuable insights into your data to optimize cloud migration and backup
  • Peer’s real-time replication moves delta-level file changes to the cloud as they occur, improving performance and reducing network consumption.
  • Implement Continuous Data Protection in the cloud that enables recovery of individual files or point-in-time snapshots.
  • Data replicated to the cloud is immediately accessible and actionable by value-added cloud analytics services.
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File Recovery

Protect data with CDP in cloud storage and recover specific versions of individual files

Cloud Analyzer Data Scan


Data stored in native file format into a single object enables the use of cloud analytic services

Snapshot Folders Icon

Virtual Snapshots

Recover any directory
or volume from virtual snapshots.

Cross-Platform Server Synchronization


Replicate and back up files across major storage and
cloud providers.

PeerGFS Central Management Icon

Central Management

Manage and monitor all Collaboration, Backup, and Replication jobs across all servers from a single console.
  • Detailed job statistics
  • Comprehensive log files
  • Email and SNMP alerts
  • Web and native client
  • Role-based permissions
  • Active Directory integration

PeerGFS integrates with all major on-premises storage platforms and cloud object APIs. Replicate file data to cloud object storage for Continuous Data Protection. Recover a specific version of an individual file or entire volume structures from point-in-time snapshots.  PeerGFS ensures that data stored in the cloud is immediately accessible to cloud analytics services to drive business strategies and maximize ROI.

Configuration Example for PeerGFS Cloud Backup & Replication

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Peer Global File Service (PeerGFS)

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Reduce Risk

Peer Software’s native Cloud Backup and Replication solutions reduce risks by avoiding wholesale technology changes and vendor lock-in.  Extend your current on-premises infrastructure to the cloud without disruption.

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Save Money

Save money by leveraging the cloud for backup and continuous data protection.  PeerGFS supports existing infrastructure and standard cloud storage APIs to take advantage of multi-cloud economics and protect prior investments.

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Improve Productivity

Increase revenue and profitability by removing the barriers typically associated with performing data analytics.  Data that is immediately consumable by cloud analytics services empowers the business with valuable insights.






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