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Data Management Solutions

Improve productivity and data availability throughout the enterprise.

File Management For The Edge

Deliver and manage edge storage services for latency sensitive and bandwidth intensive workloads.

Provide fast, local file access to shared global data for distributed teams and applications, while ensuring version integrity and high availability across sites. Minimize edge storage footprints through dynamic file caching. Replace legacy branch office systems and centrally manage remote branch office backups to the data center or cloud. Use cases addressed include:

  • Enterprise file sharing and collaboration
  • High availability and continuous data protection
  • File caching to the edge
  • Data ingest and streaming
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Hero Image Data Center Sync

Data Center Synchronization

Build an always on, always available data infrastructure across the enterprise.

Enable high availability and load balancing of end-user, department, and shared project data for applications and VDI by introducing an Active-Active data services fabric. Synchronize storage systems across office sites, hybrid cloud environments, or across multiple clouds and availability zones. 

Native Cloud Backup and Replication

Enable the full potential of cloud and object storage by adding analytics to enterprise backups.

Continuous replication from file storage systems to cloud and object storage in open, non-proprietary formats allows for the immediate consumption of data into analytics, AI and ML services. Virtual backup snapshots and immutable object storage capabilities offer file level restore and recovery from data corruption and ransomware attacks.

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Hero Image Data Migration

Data Migration

Minimize disruptions with near-zero downtime migration

Reduce the pain of data migration for all major storage platforms. Eliminate the final cutover scan for Near-zero downtime and minimal impact to end users.