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Hero Image PeerGFS


PeerGFS is an enterprise-class software solution that enables enterprises to create a modern distributed file system that seamlessly integrates existing file and object storage systems.

Using an Active-Active data services fabric, PeerGFS facilitates faster file access performance with local access to global data, high availability and redundancy across synchronized storage systems, and continuous data protection.

PeerSync Migration

PeerSync eases LAN and WAN data migration related challenges for mixed storage environments.

Through real-time continuous file replication from legacy storage to a new storage system, PeerSync eliminates the need for a final scan and minimizes the downtime during cutover.

Hero Image PeerSync Migration
Hero Image PeerFSA


Discover and analyze existing file and folder structures as well as trends in storage growth for better planning and optimization.

PeerFSA provides insights into:

  • File and folder counts
  • Tree depth levels
  • Long and deep paths
  • Reparse points
  • Data aging

  • File extensions
  • File attributes
  • Owners and SID strings
  • And much more!