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PeerSync Migration

Near-zero downtime Migration

Hero Image PeerSync Migration

FastSync™ Technology

Complete initial data seeding faster than other copy tools

Near-Zero Downtime

Reduce your cut-over window to NEAR-ZERO with real-time replication

Data Reorganization

Split/merge file data from different volumes/servers during migration

Icon Cross Platform Replication

Cross-Platform Integration

Migrate file data between all major storage systems and/or vendors

Near-Zero Downtime Migration

PeerSync™ Migration eases data migration related challenges for mixed storage environments thanks to key features like API integration and a real-time data replication engine that is proven in thousands of customer implementations. PeerSync™ Migration does NOT require a final scan.


Peer Sync 3

Plan your Migration with Peer File System Analyzer (PeerFSA)

PeerFSA is a lightweight tool that provides valuable, detailed information about the structure, organization and usage of file data in complex environments. It is designed to improve migration performance and efficiency.

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Check out how you can save time and meet SLAs
migrating with Peer SyncMigration

LAN Migration

Migrate heterogenous storage systems within the data center using real-time replication.

WAN Migration

Consolidate remote branch office storage into a main data center or cloud using SMB or encrypted TCP/IP replication.

Main Features of PeerSync Migration

Icon Import Config

Import Configuration

Generate jobs automatically by importing source/target pairs

Share Migration

Automate the migration of all share permissions

Delta-Level Replication

Replicate only changed blocks of a file over WAN Links

Icon Cross Platform Replication

Cross-Platform Replication

Enable different storage systems to coexist during migration

No Final Scan

Leverage real-time replication to eliminate final scans

Intelligent Connection Check

Automatically resume replication from the point prior to connection loss

PeerSync Migration Scenarios

The graphics below illustrate examples of use cases for PeerSync Migration.  The key advantage is real-time integration with all major storage platforms to eliminate final scans for non-disruptive migrations.  PeerSync Migration offers the flexibility of efficient migration to the cloud or consolidating file servers in on-premises or cloud data centers.