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Proud to succesfully serve our customers since 1993

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Our mission

Peer Software began with a simple mission in 1993, to simplify file management and orchestration for our enterprise customers. Over 25 years later, that mission resonates now more than ever as an increasingly complex array of storage infrastructure choices face companies. IT administrators constantly face the unenviable task of trying to architect, build and operate resilient, highly available 24/7 global operations while simultaneously striving to add flexibility and agility in their technology choices.

Facing the Challenge

Peer helps our customers meet these challenges through our global file service that allows them to choose the optimal storage platform for each unique requirement at their edge, data center, or cloud environments without worrying about vendor lock-in or barriers that prevent data interoperability. Through the ability to create a distributed file system across a heterogenous mix of storage, customers gain the flexibility and agility they desire to be able to quickly adapt to ever evolving business and technical demands.

In addition to the ability to replicate, synchronize, migrate, distribute, share and collaborate files across their global environment, Peer also provides rich, deep analysis of file system characteristics and activity loads to more intelligently handle the explosive growth of unstructured data and plan for the future.

With Peer, simple and efficient file management is within reach.

Established 1993

With over 25+ years meeting the demands of global enterprise customers, we understand the challenges you face!

Allow us to share our experience and knowledge with you!

Our Offices

340 N. Westlake Blvd., #155
Westlake Village, CA 91362
P: +1 703 763 7700
F: +1 703 763 7705

5900 Fort Drive, Suite 415
Centreville, VA 20121
P: +1 703 763 7700
F: +1 703 763 7705

Magirus-Deutz-Str. 18
89077 Ulm
P: +49 89 262076322
F: +49 89 262076311

Münchener Str. 37
85435 Erding
P: +49 89 262076322
F: +49 89 262076311

51 Eastcheap
London, EC3M 1DT
P: +44 20 77709822
F: +44 20 77709811

(Mailing Address)

Level 29 -2902
Marina Plaza, Dubai Marina
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
P: +971 4 424 5005+49 89 262076311

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