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Simplify File Management and
Orchestration across Edge,
Data Center, and Cloud Storage

Whether you need Active-Active sync for highly available user and application file data, file sharing with version integrity, or seamlessly replicating large amounts of unstructured data across edge, data center and cloud storage, Peer Software has a solution for you.
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Top Strategic
Technology Trends for 2023
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Fast File Access

Deliver fast, local access to files for distributed teams and applications, while ensuring version integrity.

Highly Available File Services

Enable high availability and load balancing of end user and departmental file data with real-time, delta-level replication.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Integrate private and/or public cloud storage with existing on-premises file storage systems for backup and analytics.

Cross-Platform Integration

Replicate, synchronize, share, migrate, and back up files across major storage and cloud providers.

Peer Global File Service reimagines the potential of a
distributed file system for today’s enterprise.

Break down proprietary storage barriers with a file services fabric that stretches across heterogenous storage infrastructure

Choose the optimal storage solution for edge, data center, and cloud without worrying about vendor-specific lock-in and data interoperability

Simplify the deployment and management of file services under one umbrella

Peer Global File Service
One solution for:

File Management for the Edge

File Management
for the Edge

Fast, Local Access to Shared Project Data – Increase end-user productivity for geographically dispersed project teams by placing a local copy of project data at each branch office.

Data Center Synchronization (Active-Active)

Active-Active Highly Available File Services – Enable continuous data availability across the entire enterprise storage infrastructure with near-zero RPO and RTO.

Native Cloud Backup and Replication

Continuous Data Protection – Automate and consolidate data protection for both edge (remote branch office) and data center storage under one data management system.

Support For All Major Storage Vendors

Hero Image PeerFSA

PeerFSA - New File System Analyzer

Get valuable, detailed insights about your storage environment

Near-Zero Downtime Migration

Ensure continuous business operations with near-zero downtime when migrating from legacy storage systems to new storage platforms. While data is copied from production source storage systems to a new target system, all changes that occur on the source system are continuously captured and replicated to the target system in real-time. This eliminates the need for unpredictable, time-consuming final scans that require scheduled outage windows. Source and target systems are kept in sync throughout the entire process.

Top Strategic Technology
Trends for 2023

Download a Copy Today!

Get the Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023 report, compliments of Peer Software.

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