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File Management
for the Edge

Improve productivity and data availability
throughout the enterprise.

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Today’s “always-on” world requires real-time infrastructure that extends to remote offices and supports latency-sensitive applications and services at the edge.

Increase Productivity for Remote Teams and Applications

Slow (remote) file access and updates over a WAN connection cannot compete with the performance of fast local access to shared project files.

Simplify High Availability and Backup

Proprietary legacy backup systems at every location are expensive, cumbersome to manage, and increasingly do not meet uptime requirements for business-critical applications and processes.

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Fight Back Against Exponential Data Growth

Control the increasing cost of unstructured data growth while ensuring productivity by optimizing storage footprints on edge locations with a local file cache.

Peer Global File Service

Peer Software helps organizations simplify file management and orchestration in multi-site, multi-vendor, and multi-cloud environments. PeerGFS is a software-only solution that integrates with all major storage platforms and supports standard file formats to prevent vendor lock-in.

Fast File Access

Improve productivity for distributed teams by enabling fast, local access to shared project files.

Cross-Platform Integration

Replicate data between storage systems that best meet specific application/business requirements.

Centralized Backup

Reduce costs by centralizing backup with real-time replication from the Edge to the data center.

Highly Available File Services

Enable high availability and load balancing of end-user and department data with real-time delta-level replication.


Central Management

Manage and monitor all Collaboration, Backup, and Replication jobs across all servers from a single console.

RelyOn Nutec

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“We needed a replication service that we could adopt across our network, which required a vendor that has worked with larger organizations with sizable amounts of data.”

Jonathan Williams,
Global IT Director

Configuration Examples

The following graphics illustrate examples of PeerGFS deployments.  Improve productivity with Enterprise File Sharing by providing fast, local access to shared data.  Reduce backup costs and enable Continuous Data Protection (CDP) by centralizing backup to the data center or cloud.  Minimize RTO/RPO with Active-Active high availability at the Edge and across the enterprise.

Reduce Risk

PeerGFS is a software-only solution that integrates with existing infrastructure and leverages open standards. Reduce the risks associated with proprietary solutions and vendor lock-in.

Save Money

Save money by increasing storage efficiency at the edge, and centralizing backup across the enterprise while reducing administrative overhead. Cross platform support allows you to choose on-premises or cloud storage technologies that are optimized for capacity and cost to further enhance ROI.

Improve Productivity

Improve productivity and profitability by enabling efficient, global file sharing. Fast, local access to collaborative data reduces time to market, helps to meet contractual deadlines, and improves research outcomes.

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