Peer’s Global File Service improves productivity and availability
throughout the enterprise – from EDGE to DATA CENTER to CLOUD

Real-Time Replication Document Synchronization


Replicate file changes in real-time to enable Active-Active global file sharing.

File-Locking Users Documents Sync

Global File

Enable fast, local access to shared file data without the risk of version conflicts.

Cross-Platform Server Synchronization


Replicate, synchronize, share, and back up files across major storage and cloud providers.


No Vendor

Eliminate vendor lock-in with a software solution that supports native file and object formats.

PeerGFS Solution Grafik

One Solution
to Simplify File Management and Orchestration
Across Edge, Data Center, and Cloud Storage

PeerGFS is a software-only solution developed to solve
file management/file replication challenges in multi-site,
, and hybrid multi-cloud environments. With over
25 years of experience in geographically dispersed file replication,
we help organizations:

  • Improve availability through Active-Active data centers
    (on-premises and/or in the cloud)
  • Protect data at the Edge with Continuous Data Protection to the data center
  • Increase productivity for distributed project teams with fast, local access to file data

Today’s always-on world requires real-time data infrastructure with 24x7x365 availability. PeerGFS works with the storage systems you already have deployed and support:

  • High volume data replication between well-connected data centers
  • Wide area networks with limited bandwidth and higher latency

PeerGFS is easy to install and manage. Different job types can be configured, at a granular level, to support specific application requirements.

Main Features of PeerGFS:

Real-Time Replication


Replicate data in real-time across locations, data centers and cloud availability zones

Distributed File Locking

File Locking

Prevent version conflicts across distributed mirrored storage systems

Delta Level Replication


Replicate file changes vs. entire files for faster performance

Delta Level Replication

No Vendor

Non-proprietary, software-based solution supports native file and object formats

Cross Platform Replication


Real-time replication engine supports leading storage vendor platforms

Microsoft DFS-N Integration

Global DFS

Deploy and manage a Global Namespace to unify enterprise storage using Microsoft DFSN

Central Management and Configuration

Object Storage

Supports leading on-premises and cloud object storage systems including S3 and Azure Blob

Real-Time Replication

Dynamic Storage
Utilization (DSU)

Control cost of unstructured data growth by optimizing the storage footprint of edge systems with a local file cache

Real-Time Replication

Malicious Event
Detection (MED)

Monitor file activity for suspicious behaviors and patterns for an additional layer of security

PeerGFS Job Types

PeerGFS includes numerous job types to increase flexibility and efficiency in meeting specific application requirements. Create jobs at a global or granular level, to empower your storage infrastructure with global file collaboration, Active-Active data center synchronization, or backup consolidation for Edge locations. See what PeerGFS can do for you in the examples below.

Enterprise File Collaboration
for Multi-Site and Multi-Vendor Environments

Provide fast, local access to shared company files for distributed teams without the risk of version conflicts.  PeerGFS works across all major storage vendors, protecting prior investments. Delta-level synchronization improves efficiency over wide area networks to enable collaboration regardless of distance.

PeerGFS Config Example - Enterprise File Collaboration

Data Center Synchronization
Active-Active Highly Available File Services for VDI and Application Data

Real-time replication synchronizes file data across multiple data centers, edge locations, and cloud instances for near-zero RPO.  Support automatic end-user failover and failback without disruption.  In VDI deployments, end-user data can be made available in locations throughout
the enterprise.

PeerGFS Config Example - Data Center Synchronization

Continuous Data Protection
for Data Center and Edge Locations

Provide continuous data protection and backup consolidation by replicating file changes, as they occur, to centralized storage in the data center or cloud.  Minimize RPO/RTO with automatic failover when configured with DFS Namespace.

PeerGFS Config Example - CDP for Robo

Cloud Backup/Replication
For Azure Blob, Amazon S3, NetApp StorageGrid, and Nutanix Objects

Back up file data to object storage on-premises or in the cloud without expensive hardware or the need to implement a proprietary file system.  Data in the cloud is stored in an open format that is immediate accessible for value-added cloud analytics services.  Easily recover individual files or entire data sets to any point in time.

PeerGFS Config Example - Cloud Backup


Install – Configure – Monitor

PeerGFS Screenshot Console

Read what our customers say about PeerGFS:

“Peer’s replication capabilities give us confidence to roll out updated and new services thanks to faster delivery and more reliability, especially in areas with limited bandwidth,” said Williams. “Peer delivered what was advertised with high level pre- and post-sale support.”
Jonathan Williams, Global IT Director for RelyOn Nutec Safety Services
“… the software meets exactly our requirements, for what we purchased it:  One consistent data set for our project members in our distributed office locations.”
Oliver Pracejus, Company IT, PFI Planungsgesellschaft

More Videos about our Solutions

Want to know more about how to use the software and get useful tips & tricks? We got you covered:

Key Benefits of PeerGFS

  • Maximize Productivity and Efficiency
    Real-time replication provides fast, local access to hot data at the edge—close to users, applications, and computing resources.
  • Protect Investments
    Integration across different platforms/vendors means PeerGFS works with the storage infrastructure you already have.
  • Increase Flexibility
    Implement a software-based solution that utilizes industry standard file and object storage formats. You’re free to select technologies that best fit your application requirements and business needs without the risk of vendor lock-in.
  • Realize Your Vision:
    Enable hybrid cloud or multicloud infrastructure through non-disruptive integration with on-premises storage and native object storage.






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