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New Release Notification – PeerGFS v5.1

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PeerGFS v5.1 is Now Available

Peer Software is pleased to announce the General Availability of PeerGFS v5.1. This is a Major Release that is immediately available for purchase, trial download, and as an upgrade. 

 PeerGFS v5.1 includes multiple new features and enhancements to improve performance, usability, and security that are available to all Peer customers with active PeerGFS and PeerLink Software Maintenance and Support agreements. Features and enhancements include: 

  • Validated support for Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP.      
  • Validated support for Dell PowerScale OneFS as the successor platform to Dell EMC Isilon.
  • Added support for the parallel streaming of multiple parts of a single file, helping to speed up the transfer of large files. 
  • Added support for the comparison of full file checksums after each transfer. Mismatched checksums will result in file transfers being reprocessed.
  • Improved real-time detection on Windows file servers. 
  • Overhauled the Agent’s logging engine with a focus on improving performance. 
  • Upgraded dependency libraries. 

What’s New for Subscription Customers?

In addition to core product updates, PeerGFS v5.1 adds a new “Network of Brokers” advanced capability that is exclusive to PeerGFS Enterprise and Data Center Subscription customers. Features include: 

  • A dedicated interface to layout and deploy multiple brokers across an environment to better optimize the flow of replication traffic between locations. 
  • The ability to leverage and classify different connections between brokers as well as the ability to automatically adjust connections to maximize performance. 
  • Improved automatic Agent failover between active and passive PMCs as well as between different brokers and links. 
  • Added tracking of Agent and broker CPU, memory, disk latency, and network latency to help identify performance hotspots in the environment.

As major new features are introduced in future versions of PeerGFS, we will clearly note if they are available only for subscription customers. 

Interested in Upgrading?

To request an upgrade to PeerGFS v5.1, please go to our upgrade request page for more details. 

You may also visit the Peer Knowledge Base for additional information, or contact a Peer solutions specialist. 

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Matt Marsala is the Director of Product Management for Peer Software, responsible for overseeing product development, partner integrations, and launch lifecycles for Peer’s data management solutions.

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