Now Available – PeerGFS v4.5 and Upgrades for Eligible PeerLink Licenses

Peer Software is pleased to announce the release of PeerGFS v4.5. Peer’s Global File Service, formerly known as PeerLink, is immediately available for purchase, trial download, and as an upgrade for eligible Peer customers subscribed to PeerLink and PeerGlobal File Service Software Maintenance.

PeerGFS not only incorporates PeerLink’s file collaboration functionality, but also provides additional job types and functionality that more closely match the scenarios for which customers deploy our software. This release introduces the ability to push data into various object storage platforms, both for backup and replication use cases. The Peer Management Center (PMC) and Peer Agent continue to be the primary components used to deploy Peer Global File Service.

What’s New

PeerGFS v4.5 introduces a new job type named Cloud Backup and Replication which includes the following features:

  • Real-time and scheduled replication of on-premises NAS devices and Windows File Servers into Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and Amazon S3.
  • Support for on-premises object stores, including NetApp StorageGRID and Nutanix Objects.
  • Each on-premises file is translated to one object without any proprietary encoding, immediately consumable by other services and applications.
  • Optional per-object version tracking as well as volume-level destination snapshot tracking to provide point-in-time recovery.
  • Recover/restore data from object storage back to any NAS device or Windows File Server at a file or folder level.
  • Replicate and recover NTFS permissions on files and folders.
  • Ensure consistent replication of files and folder structures with source storage snapshot support.
  • For Azure Blob Storage environments, includes the ability to move blobs into and out of different access tiers.

PeerGFS v4.5 also includes these additional enhancements:

  • Added support for files without extensions.
  • Improved handling of file transfer failures due to poor WAN links.
  • Improved overall replication performance.
  • Drastically improved small file transfer performance for scans and bulk adds, especially over latent connections.
  • Improved scan performance for both initial scans and rescans.
  • Improved automatic restart capabilities after successive storage failures.
  • Added various alerting improvements, including email and SNMP alerts for DFS Namespace Management jobs and the ability to batch file quarantine emails.
  • Added an automated Check for Updates capability.


  • PeerGFS v4.5 is the successor to PeerGFS v4.3 and all previous PeerLink versions.
  • For customers upgrading from PeerLink to PeerGFS v4.5, PeerLink v3.6 is the minimum required version.

Upgrade Instructions:

Please click on the Upgrade Now button and fill out the form to request an upgrade. If you have a valid maintenance contract, a new license key will be sent via email with links to updated installers. If you do not have a valid maintenance contract, we will contact you directly with further instructions.

Once updated keys and installers are received, upgrade steps can be found here.

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