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Peer Tech Talk – Pulsar Security

YouTube Thumbnail Tech Talk #1

Tech Talk - Peer Sofware & Pulsar Security

Take a few minutes to check out the inaugural session of our Tech Talk interview series with Peer Software CEO Jimmy Tam and security expert Duane Laflotte of Pulsar Security. Jimmy and Duane discuss a variety of topics related to ransomware, best practices for combating it, impacts of emerging technologies like AI and some great stories from the field. 

For your convenience, key discussion time stamps are provided. 

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Press-Release: Peer Software and Pulsar Security Announce Strategic Alliance to Enhance Ransomware and Malware Detection Across Heterogenous, On-Premises and Cloud Storage Systems

[…] Peer Software today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Pulsar Security. Through the alliance, Peer Software will leverage Pulsar Security’s team of cyber security experts to continuously monitor and analyze emerging and evolving ransomware and malware attack patterns on unstructured data. […]

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