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CAD File Sharing and Collaboration Still a Significant Challenge for Enterprise Organizations

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Executive Summary: Industry Survey Finds That the Move to the Cloud Has Not Met Real-World Requirements for CAD Professionals

Centreville, VA. – April 9, 2024 – A recent survey conducted by PeerSoftware, found that many CAD users still operate in an environment that is driven by IT departments that don’t have a firm understanding of CAD applications and the unique requirements of large file data sets. The survey findings, which included responses from CAD Managers, engineers, architects and infrastructure professionals, also indicated that despite companies investing additional budget into addressing bandwidth issues, the majority still fail to achieve optimal results and persistently encounter synchronization problems.

CAD File Sharing and Collaboration Still a Significant Challenge for Enterprise Organizations

The goal of the survey was to assess best practices and experiences of users, managers and IT professionals related to CAD file sharing and collaboration.The State of CAD File Sharing & Collaboration Report paints a picture of a CAD workforce that is increasingly dispersed due to remote work arrangements and the proliferation of branch offices. Yet as the workforce is deployed in this increasingly scattered geography, the IT infrastructure hasn’t changed. This leads to slow performance and file control errors that compromise productivity and project delivery.

The survey asked respondents to describe their file sharing architecture; 59% use a centralized server, 19.7% use a distributed, on-premise storage at primary datacenter synced with storage systems at remote offices, 14.4% use a distributed, hybrid mix of synced on-premises and cloud storage solutions. This result points to a single, centralized server still being the dominant (60%) storage model. Distributed shares from on-premises devices is at 20% and some form of hybrid on-premises and cloud is only 15%. Surprisingly, this result contrasts with industry reports that forecast much higher rates of cloud adoption and distributed storage than the results indicate.

Almost half of those surveyed are not currently satisfied with the company’s file sharing solution. However, more than 60% feel confident in the organization’s integrated file sharing and collaboration practices to prevent and remediate ransomware.

Learn more about the findings of this survey and get a complimentary report.

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