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New Release Notification – PeerGFS v6.0

PeerGFS v6.0 is Now Available

Peer Software is pleased to announce the General Availability of PeerGFS v6.0, a Major Release that is immediately available for purchase, trial download, and as an upgrade.

Premium Features and Updates Available for PeerGFS Subscriptions

PeerGFS subscription customers have access to support for NFS, PeerIQ, Network of Brokers, and Edge Caching based on their license package. 

For PeerGFS Enterprise and Data Center subscription customers, PeerGFS v6.0 introduces support for NFS-based workloads, featuring:

This release also adds usability improvements to the management of Network of Brokers. 

New features and improvements for PeerIQ in this release include: 

Additionally, PeerGFS v6.0 incorporates the following new features and enhancements to improve performance, usability, and security that are available to all Peer customers with active PeerGFS Software Maintenance and Support agreements:

How to Upgrade

To request an upgrade to PeerGFS v6.0 please go to our upgrade request page for more details.

You may also visit the Peer Knowledge Base for additional information, or contact a Peer solutions specialist.

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