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Peer and Dell Technologies Joint Solution

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Peer and Dell Technologies Team to Solve Challenges of Managing Data Growth and Connecting Global Talent

Organizations around the world, including the media and entertainment industry, continue to experience accelerating demands on their IT infrastructure. This phenomenon is driven by an ever-increasing growth in the amount of data being processed and stored along with the opportunity to globally source engineers, artists, and other talent who need to productively work in concert on shared project files.

Dell Technologies and Peer Software have teamed up to deliver innovative solutions to meet these challenging requirements. Featuring Dell PowerScale (formerly Isilon), Dell ECS/ObjectScale and Peer Global File Service (PeerGFS), this joint solution delivers massively scalable high-performance infrastructure powered by a global file system fabric across multiple on-premises, hybrid and cloud storage systems.

Real-time monitoring and file synchronization allows globally distributed teams to enjoy the performance benefit of working with local copies of shared files that when updated are immediately synchronized across all other participating storage locations. Additionally, real-time global file locking protects version integrity to prevent frustration and loss of productivity when work is overwritten.


Learn more about what Dell Technologies has to say in this new solution brief:

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