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Project Profile

Peer Software Solution

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The Company

Automazioni Industriali Capitanio (AIC) stands as a distinguished technological partner in the global market, renowned for its comprehensive expertise and deep knowledge in automation.

As a leading power control supplier and system integrator, AIC specializes in designing, manufacturing, and implementing bespoke automation systems, process control solutions, and mechatronic innovations. Their expertise highlights their capability to address and optimize a wide range of industrial processes within the steel and metals sector.

The Challenge

Our primary challenge prior to working with Peer Software was the difficulty in synchronizing data across our geographically dispersed locations.

This issue was a major obstacle in achieving operational efficiency. Peer Software‘s solutions enabled us to overcome this barrier by ensuring seamless and reliable data synchronization across all our sites. Implementing Peer Software‘s solutions allowed us to establish consistent data management and sharing, significantly improving our operational management.


Peer Software‘s solution targeted our data synchronization challenges by implementing PeerGFS on two servers located in different geographical areas.

This configuration allowed for synchronized data operations, reducing latency and improving the efficiency of data access and collaboration among our teams, thereby meeting our specific requirements and prerequisites.


Following the implementation of Peer Software‘s solution, our company observed significant enhancements in operational efficiency.

These improvements were manifested in faster data processing times, increased team productivity, and streamlined collaboration across various locations.