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Unified Analytics for Heterogenous Storage with PeerIQ

August 17, 2023

Sulagna Saha –(GESTALT IT)–

The digital landscape has evolved immensely, creating a pressing need for businesses to have a holistic understanding of their storage topologies. Enter PeerIQ from Peer Software, which offers unified analytics for diverse storage topologies. It aims to provide a comprehensive view of storage environments, far removed from the traditional segmented approaches.

As businesses have rapidly adopted multi-cloud storage to enjoy its cost-efficiency, they’ve faced challenges in managing these extensive estates without compromising on performance. Peer Software, renowned for its PeerGFS solution, is launching PeerIQ to ease storage management in distributed, multi-cloud systems.

This new analytics-driven tool presents a panoramic insight into storage environments, from private datacenters to the edge. It assists businesses in effectively unifying their various storage platforms. Enhanced productivity and high availability are just two of the many benefits.

With the rapid changes in multi-cloud storage, PeerIQ is an essential tool that promotes efficient observability, monitoring, and analytics. It ensures optimal system performance while aiming for genuine observability in future updates.

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