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Traditional ‘Active-Passive’ High Availability Practices Are Dead

October 5, 2022
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PETTS WOOD –(Storage Magazine)– 

Today’s always-on businesses require true active-active capabilities to keep up with modern real-time data demands

In the modern on-demand, always-on economy of today, data availability has become a vital component of businesses’ IT strategies. Data must always be both accessible and available, no matter what is happening behind the scenes. Users expect immediate access to relevant data from wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. In this context, high availability will, at the very least, protect companies from revenue losses when access to their data resources is disrupted. But in sectors such as autonomous driving or healthcare, people’s lives depend on systems being available and functioning at all times. For example, a failure on the operating system of an autonomous vehicle would potentially cause an accident, endangering the passengers, and even other cars and pedestrians. Enterprises serve as data stewards who help navigate information and provide value as everybody’s physical and digital lives merge.


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