Real-time Backup & HA

Real-time Backup & High Availability

I need to reduce cost and risk for my branch office backup.
Maintaining backup operations at remote locations has proven to be both costly and risky. Requirements for specialized staff, hardware, software, media and procedures at each location can quickly put a strain on the IT budget. Also, there is a significant risk for the loss of data. Nobody wants to be blamed for losing corporate files in between backups or for missing backup tapes with unencrypted data. So, how do you backup multiple geographically distant branch offices without an expensive WAN upgrade? 

The Solution

Real-time Backup by PeerSync® enables you to centralize backup management by creating automatic real-time replication from branch office servers to the datacenter to ensure the lowest window of data loss potential. Legacy backup infrastructure and manual processes at each branch office location are thus eliminated.  


Integrated Failover: With replication of the exact structure of the files and folders and DFS namespace integration, PeerSync also offers automatic failover to the central dataset in the case of a branch office server failure. Users can continue to access their data over a WAN link with minimal downtime.


More about PeerSync

Integrates with existing on-premise storage infrastructure.
Replaces costly legacy branch office backup systems with real-time replication into your datacenter.
Highly Available
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Real-time replication and DFS namespace integration offer the lowest possible RPO and RTO.

Configuration Example