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The Company

As the world’s largest provider of safety training for the offshore, maritime and renewables industries, RelyOn Nutec Safety Services is a business built on decades of trust that is continuously innovating.

With stated core values of being accessible, reliable, fast, efficient, helpful and competent, thousands of client employees depend on RelyOn Nutec to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to stay safe on the job when faced with increasingly hostile environments.

Consequently, RelyOn Nutec was seeking ways to creatively utilize technology to maintain their hardearned reputation for delivering realistic and valuable training while expanding their business.

The Challenge

RelyOn Nutec required an efficient and cost-effective way to support the development and maintenance of training materials and simulation content. They also needed to distribute media to 30+ training centers located in 21 countries, some of which have limited Internet and WAN connectivity.

With a goal of becoming the unified global standard for safety training, RelyOn Nutec needs to ensure that their customers have access to the latest training that complies with both industry and regional standards. To meet this objective, RelyOn Nutec has developed a standardized, flat file dataset that incorporates all of the training content they replicate around the world. Historically, RelyOn Nutec had challenges with Microsoft data management tools, including DFSR, that hindered their ability to replicate, restore, prioritize and shape approximately 3 terabytes of data across their WAN.


“We needed a replication service that we could adopt across our network which required a vendor that has worked with larger organizations with sizable amounts of data,” stated Jonathan Williams, Global IT Director for RelyOn Nutec Safety Services.

“After some research, we found PeerGFSTM from Peer Software, who had some very nice references from data-centric organizations including National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.”


By implementing a hybrid architecture featuring local Windows Servers and storage, along with Windows Servers and storage in the Amazon cloud, RelyOn Nutec utilized Peer’s hub and spoke architecture and byte-level replication capabilities to eliminate a legacy centralized master/slave architecture. They now save up to three weeks when they refresh content and replicate globally.

Peer’s replication capabilities give us confidence to roll out updated and new services thanks to faster delivery and more reliability, especially in areas with limited bandwidth.

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