PeerFSA – Peer’s New File System Analyzer

Get valuable, detailed insights about your storage environment

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Metadata Scan

Get insights quickly through fast,
multi-threaded scans

Non-Disruptive Server-Rack


Scan any CIFS storage platform without installing any agent software

PeerFSA File Graphs Analyzer

Reports in Excel Format

View detailed reports and charts in Excel
and recall for use later

Get a detailed look inside the “Black Box”
and a clear understanding of the structure
and usage of your most valuable IT systems.

PeerFSA Reports:

Time-Based Reports
  • TBs Created by Hrs/Day/Month
  • Number of Files Created by Hrs/Day/Month
  • TBs Modified (Change Volume) by Hrs/Day/Month
  • Files Modified (Changed Files) by Hrs/Day/Month
  • TBs Accessed Last Hrs/Week/Month
  • Files Accessed Last Hrs/Week/Month
User Reports
  • Top 25 by File Count
  • Top 25 by Storage Consumption
File Types Reports
  • Top 25 by Count
  • Top 25 by Size

Directory Reports

  • Top-Level Directories (TLDs) by Consumption, Number of Files/Number of Folders
  • Top 10 TLDs by Size/Number of Files/Number of Folders

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PeerFSA helps you to:

  • Plan your next migration
  • Optimize your storage environment