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Podcast: Benefits and Use Cases of File Synchronisation

August 8, 2023

Antony Adshead –(Computer Weekly)– 

In an era where data access and real-time collaboration are pivotal, the significance of file synchronisation has grown exponentially. In this illuminating podcast, Antony Adshead, Storage Editor, sits down with Jimmy Tan, the CEO of Peer Software, to unravel the intricacies of file synchronisation software.

They dive deep into its mechanics, the distinct methodologies such as peer-to-peer and hub-spoke topologies, and the crucial role it plays in diverse scenarios ranging from collaborative file sharing to ensuring consistent virtual desktop profiles. Tan sheds light on the advantages of real-time file synchronisation, emphasizing its contributions to productivity and availability. He also offers candid insights into the scenarios where this technology might not be the best fit.

For anyone eager to understand the profound impact and potential of file synchronisation in modern workflows, this conversation is a must-listen.

Listen to the full Podcast

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