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PeerIQ peers into NAS software across vendors, clouds

August 15, 2023

Adam Armstrong –(TechTarget Storage)– 

NAS storage analytics can be viewed in a single place with Peer Software’s PeerIQ, bringing different vendors and on-premises and cloud storage analytics together.

[…] Peer Software has a new service that provides observability data from across storage vendors and environments in a single view, helping customers better see infrastructure anomalies and check on the health of storage data.

PeerIQ lets users send information to a self-hosted, virtual appliance for analysis. Founded in 1993, Peer Software made a name for itself with its distributed file service, PeerGFS, which can reach across heterogenous file systems on premises and in the cloud. Using the same model PeerGFS is built on, including API integrations, PeerIQ is available now with PeerGFS or as a standalone service.

The new service works with partner NAS devices to provide storage observability and analytics rather than the single-vendor features provided by individual companies, according to Jimmy Tam, CEO of Peer Software.

“We are able to create a heterogeneous, hybrid or multi-cloud storage observability, monitoring and analytics offering using the framework we’ve built,” Tam said. […] 


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