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Project Profile

Peer Software Solution

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The Company

HBH Projekt is an experienced supplier of project documentation and a complete range of consulting services in the preparation, construction and maintenance of civil structures.

Our best industry experts with hundreds of completed projects and our ability to deliver the most suitable team according to the needs and requirements of the client enable us to achieve excellent results even in the most complicated and extensive projects. We are multi-disciplinary engineering and consultancy company with broad range of experience in development of transport infrastructure.

The Challenge

Before collaborating with Peer Software, our company faced several operational challenges, including slow work processes, inadequate file storage, and low work productivity.

We struggled with frequent downtime, unreliable data storage, and inefficient cross-site file access. Peer Software‘s solutions enabled us to enhance data storage reliability, implement a scalable file system, and facilitate real-time access to large files, significantly improving our operational efficiency.


Peer Software‘s solution was strategically deployed across our organization, utilizing MS Windows servers with Lenovo hardware for optimal performance and disk capacity, supported by VMware virtualization.

With PeerGFS clients installed at each location and a dedicated Peer Manager server at headquarters, our data replication processes were streamlined. By also upgrading our internet infrastructure to support real-time replication, the solution directly tackled the issues of data accessibility and system reliability we faced.


Since implementation HBH Projekt has benefited from: