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Fast Local Access to shared Company Data

File Access

Deliver fast, local access to files for distributed teams and applications, while ensuring version integrity.

Active-Active File Service for High Availability

Highly Available
File Services

Enable high availability and load balancing of end user and departmental file data with real-time, delta-level replication.

Hybrid Cloud Server


Integrate private and/or public cloud storage with existing on-premises file storage systems for backup and analytics.

Cross-Platform Server Synchronization


Replicate, synchronize, share, migrate, and back up files across major storage and
cloud providers.

Peer Global File Service
reimagines the potential of a distributed file system for today’s enterprise.

  • Break down proprietary storage barriers with a file services fabric that stretches across heterogenous storage infrastructure
  • Choose the optimal storage solution for edge, data center, and cloud without worrying about vendor-specific lock-in and data interoperability
  • Simplify the deployment and management of file services under one umbrella

Peer’s Global File Service (PeerGFS) – One solution for:

Global File Service for Multi-Site and Multi-Vendor Environments

File Management
for the Edge

Fast, Local Access to Shared Project Data – Increase end-user productivity for geographically dispersed project teams by placing a local copy of project data at each branch office.

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Active-Active Data Center Synchronization for High Availability

Data Center Synchronization

Active-Active Highly Available File Services – Enable continuous data availability across the entire enterprise storage infrastructure with near-zero RPO and RTO.

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Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for Object Storage (Cloud)

Native Cloud Backup
and Replication

Continuous Data Protection – Automate and consolidate data protection for both edge (remote branch office) and data center storage under one data management system.

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PeerFSA File Graphs Analyzer

PeerFSA – NEW File System Analyzer
(FREE Prerelease Version)

Get valuable, detailed insights about your storage environment

  • How much data is added/modified/deleted
  • Which directories are eating up most of your space
  • Which file types are consuming the most space
  • and much more

Plan your next storage project with more information

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Near-Zero Downtime Migration with PeerSync Migration

Near-Zero Downtime Migration

Ensure continuous business operations with near-zero downtime when migrating from legacy storage systems to new storage platforms. While data is copied from production source storage systems to a new target system, all changes that occur on the source system are continuously captured and replicated to the target system in real-time. This eliminates the need for unpredictable, time-consuming final scans that require scheduled outage windows. Source and target systems are kept in sync throughout the entire process.

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Gartner Recognizes Peer Software in the 2019 Hype Cycle for Storage and Data Protection Technologies Report

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