Improve productivity and data availability at the Edge

Sound familiar?

Today’s “always on” world demands real-time data infrastructure that extends to remote offices.  More and more latency-sensitive applications and services are moving to the Edge.


Remote (slow) access to HQ data
is killing productivity

Even the best WAN connections can’t compete with the speed of local access.  Waiting minutes for a file to open or update creates frustration and slows down productivity.


Fighting replication problems between sites

Replicating data across different sites and vendors is difficult with the growing demand for real-time replication because people have no time to wait for their data to arrive.

Data Safe Box

Need to centralize Edge backup to reduce cost

Performing backups at every location requires significant, costly resources, and administration.  This level of investment still does not guarantee successful recovery.

Peer Global File Service

Peer Software helps organizations simplify file management and orchestration in multi-site, multi-vendor, and multi-cloud environments.  PeerGFS is a software-only solution that integrates with all major storage platforms and supports standard file formats to prevent vendor lock-in.

  • Peer’s real-time replication provides fast, local access to data to improve productivity for distributed teams.
    Our integrated Global File Locking prevents file version conflicts.
  • Delta-level replication moves only the changed data of a file to preserve bandwidth and ensure minimal RTO/RPO.
  • PeerGFS enables Continuous Data Protection (CDP) by replicating data in real-time from Edge locations to the data center or cloud.
  • Centralizing backup with PeerGFS reduces enterprise-wide backup costs, while improving recovery.
Fast Local Access to Shared Project Data

Fast File

Improve productivity for distributed teams by enabling fast, local access to shared project files.

Cross-Platform Server Synchronization


Replicate data between storage systems that best meet specific application/business requirements.

Icon Hub Cubes Central


Reduce costs by centralizing backup with real-time replication from the Edge to the data center.

High Availability 24-7 Clock


Enable high availability and load balancing of end-user and department data with real-time delta-level replication.

PeerGFS Central Management Icon

Central Management

Manage and monitor all Collaboration, Backup, and Replication jobs across all servers from a single console.
  • Detailed job statistics
  • Comprehensive log files
  • Email and SNMP alerts
  • Web and native client
  • Role-based permissions
  • Active Directory integration
Safety Industry RelyOn Nutec

RelyOn Nutec

As the world’s largest provider of safety training for the offshore, maritime and renewables industries, RelyOnNutec Safety Services is a business built on decades of trust that is continuously innovating.

“We needed a replication service that we could adopt across our network, which required a vendor that has worked with larger organizations with sizable amounts of data.”

Jonathan Williams,
Global IT Director

Configuration Examples

The following graphics illustrate examples of PeerGFS deployments.  Improve productivity with Enterprise File Sharing by providing fast, local access to shared data.  Reduce backup costs and enable Continuous Data Protection (CDP) by centralizing backup to the data center or cloud.  Minimize RTO/RPO with Active-Active high availability at the Edge and across the enterprise.

Enterprise File Sharing

Enable fast, local access to file data for distributed teams and applications, while ensuring version integrity.  Delta-level synchronization reduces WAN consumption, while reducing the impact of distance and latency.  Replicate file data across different vendors/platforms, between locations and on-premises data centers, or the cloud.

Peer Global File Sharing

Centralized Backup

PeerGFS employs real-time replication to achieve Continuous Data Protection (CDP) across different hardware platforms to reduce RTO and RPO to minutes.  Integration with Microsoft Namespace allows automatic failover in the case of a failure or Edge location outage.

Synchronize multiple data centers, or just two servers, to realize Active-Active high availability and reduce RTO and RPO to minutes.  Users can be redirected to active systems without disruption.  Delta-level replication reduces network consumption to help reduce the impact of distance and latency between on-premises systems or different cloud zones.

Icon Non-Disruptive Server-Rack

Reduce Risk

PeerGFS is a software-only solution that integrates with existing infrastructure and leverages open standards.  Reduce the risks associated with proprietary solutions and vendor lock-in.

Icon Prize Tag

Save Money

Save money by centralizing backup across the enterprise, while reducing administrative resources.  Cross-platform support allows you to choose backup target technologies that are optimized for capacity and cost to further enhance ROI.

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Improve Productivity

Improve productivity and profitability by enabling efficient, global file sharing.  Fast, local access to collaborative data reduces time to market, helps to meet contractual deadlines, and improves research outcomes.






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