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PeerLock has reached End of Availability

PeerLock is no longer available for purchase.
Support for existing customers will continue through December 31st, 2022.

Peer Software constantly strives to improve the experience, performance, and security of our products. As technologies evolve, some products become more challenging to maintain and improve. Our PeerLock product is at such a junction in its life.

When combined with Microsoft DFS Replication, PeerLock has enabled cross-site collaboration capabilities for over a decade. However, experience has shown that a single software stack that controls both locking and replication of file data across multiple sites results in a superior experience for administrators and end users. In addition, there is the growing risk of being unable to influence the development of Microsoft’s own technologies to consistently work well with partner technologies. While file sharing and collaboration continue to be a strategic use case that we support, we have decided to focus on the fully-integrated technology stack offered in our Peer Global File Service (PeerGFS) product.

Consequently, we have decided to stop offering PeerLock for sale and have established a timeline in place for when it will no longer be supported. Peer Software’s Lifecycle Policy (available here) lists these two stages as “End of Availability” and “End of Support”.

End of Availability

“End of Availability” means that PeerLock will not be offered to new customers, and additional features and capabilities will not be developed. PeerLock customers who are satisfied with the current product are welcome to continue using it in their environments with or without Microsoft DFS-R. PeerLock customers on active maintenance will continue to receive support throughout the life of their contracts and are able to renew support up until December 31, 2021, 1 year prior to PeerLock reaching “End of Support”.

End of Support

When PeerLock reaches “End of Support” on December 31, 2022, Peer Software will no longer provide software updates for PeerLock. On or after this date, customers are welcome to continue using PeerLock in their environments AS IS. Any customer that requires support or a software update will need to upgrade to our PeerGFS offering which will be available at a discount to PeerLock customers on active maintenance contracts. We will no longer offer renewals of PeerLock maintenance contracts. Instead, customers will need to convert to our PeerGFS offering.


PeerLock’s time is as follows:

Affected Products

These “End of Availability” and “End of Support” designations affect the following products and offerings: