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Point to Point Global File Services with Peer Software

May 21, 2024
Anthony Spiteri –(Great Things with Great Tech!)–

Peer Software is thrilled to announce its feature in Episode 84 of the podcast “Great Things with Great Tech.”

The episode delves into Peer Software’s innovative approach to breaking down data silos and tackling the complexities of modern data growth and accessibility. With three decades of experience, Peer Software has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of global enterprises,.

Key highlights from the podcast include:

  • Company History: From its inception in 1993 to its current status in distributed file systems.
  • Product Offerings: An overview of Peer Software’s key products such as Peer GFS.
  • Innovative Solutions: Insights into how Peer Software addresses data management challenges.
  • Future Directions: Discussion on the integration of AI and data analysis to enhance data management capabilities.

Technology and partners mentioned during the episode include Microsoft, Dell EMC, Nasuni, Azure, AWS, and more, highlighting Peer Software’s extensive ecosystem and commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions.

“We are honored to be featured on ‘Great Things with Great Tech’ and to share our story with a broader audience,” said Jimmy Tam, CEO of Peer Software. “This episode offers a deep dive into our past innovations and future plans, showcasing our dedication to revolutionizing data management.”

To listen to the full episode and gain deeper insights into Peer Software’s pioneering work in data management, click the link below:

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