PeerLock File Locking for Microsoft® DFSR


Microsoft® DFS Replication was originally designed to provide an easy way of replicating a limited amount of documents for read-only access to branch offices or vice versa.


But when multiple users attempt to simultaneously change the same file that was previously replicated across different servers, they quickly discover that file version conflicts and corruptions occur.


This is caused by the lack of a file locking mechanism in Microsoft® DFS Replication.

The best and most complete way to eliminate file version conflicts is to add and deploy a file locking solution.


Enhancing DFSR with PeerLock


PeerLock is a best-of-breed file locking solution designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft® DFS Replication. Together they provide a cost-effective, easy to deploy, basic file collaboration environment that is in use today in thousands of organizations worldwide.


Supported Platform


Windows Server 2008 – 2016

Recommended Sites


1 – 3 (Add more sites to your collaboration with PeerLink)

Network Latency


< 150 ms



file version conflict
File Locking eliminates file version conflicts.
easy peerlock installation
Installs within minutes without any additional hardware.
dfsr integration peerlock
Designed for Microsoft® DFSR.

Next-generation File Collaboration


Depending on the size of the organization and the location that needs to be included, Microsoft® DFSR has limits on what it can handle. For this reason Peer Software has developed a portfolio of comprehensive collaboration solutions, which are able to support larger environments with TB’s of data and thousands of users around the world.


Accordingly PeerLink combines real-time synchronization with distributed file locking, which prevents users from accessing files that are currently being worked on by another user. The prevention of version conflicts for shared files across a distributed team leads to higher productivity.


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PeerLock Configuration Example


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