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Peer Software and Microsoft

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Gold Application Development Partner

Peer Software has teamed with Microsoft to create innovative, world-class solutions that solve data management challenges encountered by multi-site organizations including continuous data protection for branch offices, analytics-ready replication as well as file sharing and collaboration.

Randy Holloway, Director, Cloud + Enterprise Black Belts at Microsoft, says: “With Microsoft Azure working in concert with Peer’s file management technology, customers can quickly and seamlessly deploy highly available file collaboration and continuous data protection capabilities on an as needed basis while enabling them to focus more resources on their core business activities.”

Read About Peer Software and Microsoft Azure

To stay competitive, many AEC firms are switching from paper-based processes and 2D software to powerful 3D digital-modeling applications that utilize larger and more complex file types. Additionally, globalization has resulted in a proliferation of branch offices and skyrocketing data storage requirements.

PeerSync, part of the PeerGFS suite, and Microsoft Azure combined to deliver a solution that cost-effectively met data growth needs and ensured real-time data protection across a distributed, international office network for HKS, one of the world’s largest architecture firms.

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