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Peer Software Solution

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The Company

Organic Alliance is a historical player in the distribution of organic fruits and vegetables and fresh products.

Boasting over 30 years of experience as an organic wholesaler, Organic Alliance has successfully developed its own brands, setting industry benchmarks for quality and reliability. These achievements have been made possible through the cultivation of long-lasting partnerships with local farmers and suppliers, thus creating a seamless and ethical supply chain. Our commitment to these values has not only enabled us to maintain a loyal customer base but has also paved the way for future innovations in the organic food sector.

The Challenge

In our company, managing files from multiple physical locations has always been a challenge. The teams, spread out geographically, had to handle large files depending on their services (Marketing, data analytics).

The primary goal was maintaining smooth communication between the distant sites. The second one, with the growing size of files for our different departments, was to relocate these files as close as possible to the end user. This is where PeerGFS comes in. It handles file lock and synchronization, along with the capacity to deploy new servers in an easy way.


We decided to implement the PeerGFS solution on all our file servers. We chose a primary one to be the reference for the first deployment.

After a simple configuration with the aid of Peer‘s support, we were able to add other file servers on both virtual and physical hardware. The file filtering integrated into the PeerGFS solution allows us to prevent certain files from being replicated among the servers, preventing unnecessary space consumption and reducing bandwidth requirements.


The results have been exactly what we asked for. The real-time file lock is a precious feature, stopping all versioning issues across the company.

After the initial folder replication configuration, administration and updating of the PeerGFS solution were smooth. The software management console allows easy deployment of new servers and managing folder replication according to local users‘ needs. The user satisfaction after the implementation of this solution was positive, with direct local file access for people working at multiple sites.

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