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Keystone Group boosts efficiency with PeerGFS software implementation

December 5, 2023


The Keystone Group, a leading UK steel lintel and roof window manufacturer, has significantly improved efficiency and cost-saving by implementing Peer Software’s PeerGFS distributed file system.

PeerGFS has significantly enhanced their data management and collaboration across multiple locations, allowing for real-time file synchronization and better access to essential documents and applications.

The overhaul of their IT infrastructure, particularly for remote sites, has not only enhanced productivity but also resulted in substantial budgetary savings.
Ryan Hawkes, IT Infrastructure Manager, highlights the effectiveness of PeerGFS in enabling seamless remote work. The implementation marks a major advancement in The Keystone Group’s operational capabilities.

To discover more about The Keystone Group’s advancements with PeerGFS, feel free to explore the links provided below for more information and insights.

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