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INSIGHT 2021 Digital: Meet the Specialists 2

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Are you ready for some legends? Here are two right now.

Singer, songwriter Sting would like to personally invite you to INSIGHT. Also, our hilarious host Whitney Cummings would like to weigh in with her two cents too.

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INSIGHT 2021 VIP Program – Meet the Specialists 1:1

You’re a VIP—book a dedicated 1:1 session with a NetApp specialist today. An open, interactive, and productive discussion focused on your projects, questions, or feedback. Just choose a topic and time.

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To become a legend, you’ve got to learn from a legend

At INSIGHT Digital 2021: MTS 2 you’ll have the chance to do just that. Our sessions are jam-packed with learning tracks that will enhance your technical skills and develop your expertise. For what? To become a specialist, of course.

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Hands-On Labs at INSIGHT 2021

Hands-On Labs has been one of the most popular features at INSIGHT. Become a specialist with hands-on experience with more than a dozen interactive lab environments with real products from which to choose.

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MTS 2 (Meet the specialists 2)

The Legends of Hybrid Cloud will convene for INSIGHT 2021 Digital: MTS 2. Join us for visionary conversations, featured solution sessions, and favored technical breakouts on all things hybrid cloud.

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