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Dreßler Bau GmbH [EN]

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The Company

The passion for construction and concrete runs in the blood of this family-owned company from Aschaffenburg, Germany in the beautiful Bavarian region. What began in 1913 as a small bricklaying business, is now a large general contractor for turnkey construction, as well as a specialist for high-quality architectural concrete facades.

The fourth generation of the family is now proudly at the helm of Dreßler Bau.

The Challenge

Large CAD files that are created at the CAD workstations in the branches needed to also be available in the datacenter at the company‘s headquarters in Aschaffenburg.


Market research and comparison showed that PeerGFS from Peer Software was the perfect solution.

  • PeerGFS integrated seamlessly into the storage architecture.
  • Data from the branches are now kept in-sync with the central data storage.


  • Having a local copy of the files at each location meant that access times were significantly reduced for the users.
  • PeerGFS was non-disruptive, easy to implement and provided a consistent data set across each storage location.

We had been looking for a way to easily, quickly, and permanently synchronize our large CAD files with our datacenter, and thanks to PeerGFS, this is now a reality.

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