Our DFSR+ Technology

DFSR+ is a patented and trademarked framework of file replication and synchronization technologies from Peer Software that provide IT organizations with the ability to modernize their data management practices in a multi-site, multi-vendor, and multi-cloud environment. These technologies are the foundation of our solutions that enable:

– Data sharing across multi-site companies for CAD and Project Files

– Data protection for Remote Branch Offices and Cloud Backup architectures

– Data Migration from legacy storage systems to a modern storage platform

Synchronization of User Home Directories for VDI deployments

Real-time event detection & synchronization allows file events (file add, delete, modify) to be replicated to target systems immediately.

Only the changed portions of a file are replicated for bandwidth savings.
Supports major vendors including Windows (2008, 2012, 2016), NetApp (Data ONTAP), EMC (Isilon, VNX).
A software-only approach enables easy and efficient project file sharing between different domains within your organization or with external companies and contractors
Files being edited at any location will propagate a file lock (to prevent version conflicts) at all other locations.
Integrated configuration and management of your Microsoft® DFS namespace.