DFS File Locking

Customers of Microsoft Windows Server may decide to employ the native DFSR (Data File System Replication) capabilities for both branch office backup as well as inter-office file server mirroring. When enabling inter-office file server mirroring, the company’s goal is to provide for employee file sharing. Generally this mechanism is far more efficient than emailing files amongst collaborative teams, especially if the files are large in size.

Though DFS R2 is a more reliable and “network friendly” replication tool in comparison to its FRS predecessor, it is still incomplete and inadequate for today’s more collaborative environments where data needs to be shared in real-time, amongst branch offices and project teams operating in multiple locations.

This is where PeerGFS steps in. A tool built to improve productivity and availability throughout enterprise settings. With real time replication, global file locking, cross-platform integration and no vendor lock, PeerGFS is the one solution you need to simplify file management.

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PeerLock Retiring

PeerLock is no longer available for purchase.
Support for existing customers will continue through December 31st, 2022.

Peer Software constantly strives to improve the user experience, performance, and security of our products and as technologies evolve, some products become more challenging to maintain and improve. Our PeerLock product is at such a junction in its life.

As mentioned above, when combined with Microsoft DFS Replication, PeerLock has enabled cross-site collaboration capabilities for over a decade. However, experience has shown that a single software stack that controls both locking and replication of file data across multiple sites results in a superior experience for administrators and end users.

In addition, there is the growing risk of being unable to influence the development of Microsoft’s own technologies to consistently work well with partner technologies. While file sharing and collaboration continue to be a strategic use case that we support, we have decided to focus on the fully-integrated technology stack offered in our Peer Global File Service (PeerGFS) product.

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