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Growing your business is hard enough… Managing your growing file data shouldn’t be.


Responding to a work related need for intelligent file synchronization, Paul Marsala created the initial version of PeerSync® and founded Peer Software in 1993. In response to customer feedback, solutions for file collaboration followed shortly and project teams around the world began to enjoy the productivity benefits delivered by PeerLink®.


For over two decades, the team at Peer Software has been dedicated to creating best-of-breed solutions that help multi-site organizations manage business critical data across their IT enterprise. Peer Software is a fast growing company with offices in the USA, UK and Germany with additional coverage planned for the future.


Looking ahead, Peer Global File Service (PeerGFS™) represents the next generation of our industry leading file-management technology. It was built to meet the needs of today’s multi-site enterprises by combining the benefits of our well established PeerLink and PeerSync products plus superior manageability.




Facing the Challenge

Our world is changing rapidly. New technologies are emerging from all sides. There is no guarantee that today’s market leader can maintain the competitive advantage tomorrow, too. In addition, data growth is working against us, while we are trying to keep track of the latest innovations. But, do we really need to change the IT-strategy so frequently to be up to date? Not with Peer Software!


There is a way out of this catch-22 situation: The key is called flexibility. Companies prefer the flexibility and power of a multi-vendor strategy and so they tend to remain independent from a single storage vendor. Our PeerGFS solution interoperates with most storage providers and cloud gateways. This software-only approach enables a non-disruptive, easy implementation into an existing storage infrastructure and ensures high levels of scalability for larger environments. As no additional hardware is needed there are no hidden costs to consider either. Like all Peer Software solutions, PeerGFS is based on our DFSR+ technology. With PeerGFS you are able to create an effective platform for efficient file collaboration for distributed teams while simultaneously enabling real-time backup and high availability across the organization.




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Analyst Section

“For as long as IT has been deliverable through a distributed topology (e.g., since the shift from mainframes), organizations have struggled with delivering IT services that ensure productivity yet still are manageable. The two service-model “extremes” (decentralized ROBO infrastructure versus centralized IT delivery) both come with tradeoffs – i.e., lower productivity or increased management burden. One of the best possible resolutions is a distributed file system that enables all stakeholders (end-users and IT) to access or manage data from their local perspective without burdening the other party.

For the last 20 years, many organizations have utilized Microsoft DFS within Microsoft Windows as the best conceivable answer – but Peer DFSR+ technology has raised the bar through broader filer support, scalability,and collaboration enablement.”

Jason Buffington,

Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group





“You are paying to manage your CAD Files even if you think you aren’t! With annual labor expenditures the do-nothing option demonstrates that refusing to deal with the problem is a real drag on productivity and project profitability – as well as demotivating for the project team. Implement a collaborative file management solution which achieves the highest WAN speeds, provides true version control, is minimally disruptive, and is the least expensive to purchase and install.”

Robert Green,

CAD industry analyst,

lecturer and contributing author to Cadalyst

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Our Management


Jimmy Tam


Location: Westlake Village, CA (USA)

Claus Schroeder


Location: Ulm, Germany





Teams should be able to access even their large files wherever and whenever they need to work with them..

Paul Marsala, Founder


Back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, I was involved in an Artificial Intelligence software company, writing software and traveling to seminars and customer consultations. During this travel, I would generate source code fixes or new code development. When I returned to my offices, I would copy the new or modified files on to my office desktop using a peer-to-peer network. At that time, I would simply copy the files from my laptop to my desktop. Several times, I would overwrite my newer files on the desktop, causing loss of data.”

“This was very frustrating, so I did some research on bulletin boards (pre-Internet) for software to accomplish the simple task of updating only newer files. At the time, the only commercially available application for Windows (v3.1) was LapLink, which required its own special cable to connect and required user intervention to explicitly select which files to overwrite. I was interested in an automated process, so I wrote a simple application that worked over my peer-to-peer network. The use of business rules, such as „newest file timestamp wins“, automated the decision process as to which files were added, updated or deleted on either side of the connection. This greatly simplified the process of synchronizing my laptop with my desktop. I called this application PeerSync. I figured that if I needed it, perhaps others would also. So I posted the application using CompuServe (again, pre-Internet) onto several popular bulletin board services. Much to my amazement, people started downloading and purchasing the tool. At that point, I setup a feedback mechanism and asked users for suggestions. Through this process, I updated the software to meet user needs. During this time, I was still consulting to several companies, writing custom software for various corporate needs. Then one day, I received a request for 10,000+ copies of PeerSync. Long story made short, I decided to focus all of my time developing and supporting PeerSync, which led to the renaming of my company to Peer Software, Inc.”



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