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  • PeerSync 9.2 is Now Available

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    Peer Software is pleased to announce the general availability of PeerSync 9.2 for purchase, trial download, and as an upgrade for Peer customers subscribed to PeerSync Maintenance and Support.

    Powered by our exclusive DFSR+ technology, PeerSync 9.2 is the premier solution for enabling data replication and interoperability between mixed Windows, NetApp and cloud-integrated storage environments.


  • See How PeerLink Increases Productivity for Distributed Teams

    Are team members frustrated by slow WAN connections, accidentally overwritten files on shared servers or the inability to securely share and update files with users outside of the firewall?

    Watch our new introduction video and see how PeerLink can help your distributed project teams work more efficiently.


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Customer Success

With a broad range of nnsaresponsibilities that include maintaining the safety, security, and effectiveness of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile and U.S. Navy reactors, the National Nuclear Security Administration deployed a high performance file sharing and collaboration system powered by PeerLink to help them meet their mission objectives.

White Paper

WAN Optimization 2.0
Legacy WAN optimization technologies are not designed to improve the performance of business file collaboration. Learn how WAN Optimization 2.0 helps your organization drive productivity and user satisfaction.



Data Migration

Check out how PeerSync Migration Edition powers data migration projects for Windows to Windows, Windows to NetApp, NetApp Data ONTAP 7-Mode to Clustered Data ONTAP, and EMC to NetApp environments.

File Locking for DFSR

PeerLock enables file locking in Microsoft DFSR environments, a missing feature required to support collaboration. Discover how easy it is to avoid file version conflicts and corruption.