Real-time Server Backup

for Windows and NetApp Systems

Today’s globally dispersed organizations can finally enjoy the benefits of WAN-friendly, secure, real-time, remote server backup to a centralized server in a data center. This requires a solution utilizing powerful synchronization and replication technology that incorporates a variety of key features for optimizing WAN and server performance, maintaining data protection, simplifying administration, and supporting a variety of popular server and storage platforms.

WAN-Optimized Remote Server Backup for the Enterprise

Maintaining backup operations at remote locations has proven to be both costly and risky. Backup related costs for specialized staff, hardware, software, media, and procedures at each location continue to add up, and let’s face it, nobody wants to be blamed for data loss in between backups or for losing branch backup tapes with unencrypted corporate and customer data, but it happens.

Centralizing backup operations seems like an obvious solution, but it has its own challenges. For example, how do you backup multiple, geographically distant branch offices without requiring an expensive wide area network (WAN) upgrade? Will an unreliable WAN connection put your data at risk?

The answer is to find a solution built on a foundation of proven, world-class synchronization and replication technology that offers features like continuous data protection, WAN performance optimization, multi-threading, centralized administration, lots of connectivity options, and VSS compatibility.

Real-time Synchronization Technology
for Remote Server Backup is Now Available

Introducing PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers, a best-of-breed solution designed from the ground up to securely synchronize and replicate gigabytes and even terabytes of branch office data across a WAN in real-time with a central server.

PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers provides feature-rich, enterprise-class capabilities for today's globally dispersed organizations that need immediate, maximum protection of their data while being cost competitive with legacy tape systems.

Ideal for High Performance
Mixed Storage Environments Connected by a WAN

PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers is not your traditional backup solution that creates one large backup file; it actually creates and maintains file and directory replicas on a target server in real-time for the following environments:

  • Windows-to-Windows
  • Windows-to-NetApp
  • NetApp-to-NetApp
  • Symantec Enterprise Vault and other systems utilizing reparse points

And, thanks to Peer’s integration with NetApp Data ONTAP, PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers delivers a high performance, real-time solution for backing up NetApp storage systems in branch offices to a centralized NetApp Filer.

Benefit From a Comprehensive Approach to Enterprise Backup

As an additional benefit, PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers can be extended with PeerSync Backup Edition for Laptops. Built on the same powerful and flexible architecture for continuous data protection, PeerSync Backup Edition for Laptops enables IT administrators to leverage their existing solution knowledge to save both time and money.

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