Real-time Backup for Windows Laptops & Workstations

WAN-Optimized Data Protection for Remote Users

While traditional data backup solutions have focused on the data center and centralized operations, they have not adapted well to the needs of remote users outside of those confines. This phenomenon is driven by the increasing power of mobile systems, organizations deploying laptops with the goal of increasing productivity through mobility, and higher quality WAN and Internet connectivity.

The challenges of mobility include:

  • How do you handle the different connectivity states of a laptop user?
  • How do you ensure efficient and secure data transfer from anywhere
    in the world over data connections of varying quality?
  • How do you centrally configure, deploy, and monitor a backup
    solution in real-time for a system that is constantly mobile?
  • How do you ensure backups occur to the central storage infrastructure
    without creating complex processes that require end-user actions?

Peer Understands Real-time Enterprise Backup

With over 10,000 customers worldwide since 1993, Peer understands the unique challenges presented by a mobile team. Our PeerSync Backup Edition for Laptops enables the enterprise mobile workforce to meet the challenges of working anywhere, anytime while supporting IT administrators’ requirements for centralized control, configuration, deployment, and monitoring of continuous data protection for laptops.

Your end users can be confident that their work is protected as a continuous backup job without needing to do anything and without any noticeable degradation of system resources.

Benefit From a Comprehensive Approach to Enterprise Backup

As an additional benefit, PeerSync Backup Edition for Laptops can be extended with PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers. Built on the same powerful and flexible architecture for continuous data protection, PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers enables IT administrators to leverage their existing solution knowledge to save both time and money.

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