Bi-Directional Synchronization of User Home Directories on Windows and NetApp Systems

Solving File Access Challenges for Traveling Users and VDI Deployments

Traveling users are not a new phenomenon. Many organizations today are geographically dispersed, have multiple branch offices and numerous users that regularly travel to those locations. These users want to conveniently and securely access their work files wherever they go. Their productivity depends on it. With DFSR+ powered synchronization solutions from Peer Software you can enjoy the benefits of a mixed environment while ensuring optimal data interoperability, both forward and backward, and have the flexibility you need to transition to newer platforms without disrupting your existing operations.

For both security and convenience purposes, more IT groups are adopting Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and the practice of establishing user home directories at each user's home datacenter. These often include redirected folders such as the My DocHDSyncments folder, and roaming user profiles. This makes it convenient for them to login and store working files where they will be secured and backed up on a regular basis. But, what happens when they go on the road?

Challenges Related to Home Directory Sync

Home directory sync challenges come into play when users travel between locations, especially to remote sites with marginal connectivity back to their home datacenter. These users may experience slow file access, and face delays and other difficulties when logging in. And to make matters even worse, some users will compensate by storing and accessing their work files via local storage, flash drives or cloud-based storage services, each with their own security, governance and data integrity related concerns.
Ideally, you would prefer a solution that can maintain the security and convenience of your single sign-on system while providing a synchronized copy of a roaming user's home directory at the nearest datacenter, at the fastest possible speed.

Home Directory Sync with DFSR+®

Fortunately there is a great solution for home directory sync that is ideal for high-volume Windows and NetApp storage environments utilizing wide area network (WAN) connectivity. Please take a look at PeerSync Server Edition (SE), the industry standard for bi-directional file replication and synchronization in WAN environments.
Powered by DFSR+ technology, PeerSync SE ensures that users have fast local access to their home directories while maintaining an exact replica at all specified datacenters. PeerSync SE is fast, seamless, proven, and resilient with marginal connections while minimizing impacts on data connections thanks to its byte-level replication capabilities.

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