File Synchronization

High Performance File Synchronization Optimized for Distributed Environments

As a recognized leader in file synchronization and replication, Peer has proven itself for over two decades in challenging enterprise WAN environments. Its products are utilized by more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

Peer offers solutions that are both easy to configure and to administer for both servers and workstations, ensuring that files and folders are accurately and efficiently mirrored in real-time between two or more systems.

Synchronization Solutions for the Enterprise

PeerSync Server was designed to be the foundation for your synchronization requirements and to support a wide variety of applications such as backup, replication, synchronization, distribution, and business file collaboration.

Core features include:

    • Multi-threading
    • Different configurations per job
    • Replication over TCP/IP
    • Centralized monitoring for all jobs
    • Real-time and scheduled processing
    • Open file/database replication
    • Byte-level replication
    • and more . . .

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Do you need File Locking to avoid Version conflicts?

As the leader in file collaboration technology, Peer has created business file sharing and collaboration solutions to meet a variety of requirements. They include:


Powered by DFSR+ technology, PeerLink is an enterprise-class solution focused exclusively on the needs of file collaboration users in Windows and NetApp storage environments.
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Enables basic file collaboration for small teams in a Windows DFSR environment by adding file locking capabilities to DFSR.
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