DFSR+ for Data ONTAP

Powering Global Collaboration Infrastructure
for the Distributed Enterprise

Distributed teams are a central feature of modern organizations. Engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales, logistics, and finance personnel all collaborate to manage complex business processes from offices hundreds or even thousands of miles apart and also coordinate supply chains across continents.

At first, supporting the collaboration needs of these teams seems pretty simple as “Email it to me” becomes the default method, but what happens when distributed project teams use email or other methods like FTP to share files?

  • Complaints about long waits to receive large files   
  • A lack of version control, resulting in duplication of effort, lost work, errors, and frustration
  • Runaway file sharing impacts network performance and inflates the cost of bandwidth and storage
  • ….and more
Facing the Challenges of Business File Sharing and Collaboration

Fortunately, several technologies are available that can help IT organizations improve file sharing for distributed teams including content management systems, file replication and mirroring, WAN optimization, and wide area file service (WAFS). Each of these technologies address these challenges in very different ways, but file replication and mirroring has become a popular response thanks to the inclusion of Microsoft Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) in recent versions of the Windows Server operating system.

WAN Optimization Technologies

Mgmt. Systems
Wide Area
File Service

EMC Documentum

Microsoft DFSR

Cisco WAAS

Adresses user productivity
(open / save documents fast)

Prevent version conflicts
Conserve bandwidth
Optimized voice and video traffic
TCO (Total cost of ownership)
(software, hardware, administration, user training)
Medium Low High Low