Continuous Data Availability

for Windows, NetApp and Hybrid Cloud Storage

Most backup solutions are adequate in a data center environment or in a single office location where backups are made over a high speed local area network (LAN). But, when it comes to a branch office environment connected by a WAN, these same solutions struggle. This is caused by the following challenges:

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  • Copying files and file changes over the WAN to a central location consumes bandwidth and negatively impacts operations in branch offices
  • Backup functionality is unreliable over below average WAN connections with high latency and low throughput - backups never seem to finish on time if at all
  • Slow recovery and restore processes impact data availability and productivity after a failure event

Because of these challenges, many organization continue to maintain backup operations at remote locations. This has proven to be both costly and risky due to expenditures on specialized staff, hardware, software, tape media and potential data loss in between backups.

So, how do you centralize backup for multiple, geographically distant branch offices without requiring an expensive WAN upgrade while assuring continuous data availability to users?

Go Beyond Traditional Backup with PeerSync

One solution that solves the challenge of continuous data protection and availability for branch office environments is PeerSync® Backup Edition for Servers by Peer Software. Powered by DFSR+® technology, PeerSync is a proven solution for Windows servers and NetApp NAS storage systems located in branch offices, as well a popular hybrid cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure.

Key features include:

  • Real-time sync for fast operation that prevents data loss in case of catastrophic failure
  • Byte-level delta replication minimizes bandwidth utilization and works in concert with NetApp dedupe functionality to reduce storage requirements
  • Cross-platform (Windows/NetApp/Cloud)
  • Centralized configuration and management
  • Continuous availability – PeerSync creates file/directory replicas users can be redirected to if their local server is not available…no waiting for a restore procedure to complete!

Ready to learn more? Please click here to access additional information on PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers and fully functional evaluation software to try in your environment.

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