Is Slow Access to Shared CAD Files Killing Productivity?

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The CAD Collaboration Challenge

Geographically distributed project teams are common in today's architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing organizations. For those working outside of the headquarters office, downloading and accessing CAD project files seems to take forever. Even worse -- after a long day of CAD design work -- files are sometimes overwritten or corrupted when they are synced back to a shared server.

Experience High-Performance CAD File Collaboration

PeerLink is a software solution that enables remote teams to share and collaborate with large CAD files in real-time. Now CAD users at remote offices can collaborate with shared files as efficiently as co-workers at headquarters. What's more, PeerLink's distributed file locking technology manages file versioning and keeps shared files from being accidently overwritten and corrupted. Watch how it works.


Populous Image1aIn Use at World-class AEC and Manufacturing Firms

PeerLink is a proven solution that organizations worldwide depend on including many of the most respected architecture, engineering and construction companies. PeerLink saves time, reduces errors and frustration, and ultimately keeps geographically dispersed design and engineering teams productive.

Read how leading architecture firm Populous utilizes PeerLink for CAD collaboration internally and with project partners. Download success story.


The Industry's Most Advanced Solution for Real-time CAD File CollaboPeerLinkDSration

PeerLink offers the industry's only software-based distributed file synchronization and locking technology that is optimized for real-time CAD file collaboration over a wide area network (WAN).

PeerLink is intuitive for users and is easy for IT managers to install. Key features include:

  • Supports multiple solutions from Autodesk as well as CATIA, SolidWorks, Cadence, Allegro, MS Office, Adobe and more
  • Automatically replicates changed files to participating servers, assuring the best performance for users at each location
  • Maintains file version integrity via distributed file locking technology
  • Optimizes WAN utilization through byte-level replication and bandwidth management
  • Protects against unstable WAN links
  • Enables secure cross-domain collaboration with project partners

Read more about PeerLink.


Try PeerLink in Your Environment

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