Business File Sharing and Collaboration

Effective File Collaboration is a Key to Competitive Advantage

The competitive environment for businesses has changed significantly over the past five years. The global economy has driven many organizations to evolve into extended enterprises of geographically distant networked employees in offices, telecommuters, suppliers, partners, vendors and customers. Project teams in the extended enterprise often need to be quickly assembled from other parts of the organization in different locations, which can only happen effectively via some form of collaboration technology.

These competitive dynamics have pushed collaboration to the top of almost every CIO’s priority list. Competitive advantage is now dependent on enabling the best people in an organization to collaborate with one another no matter where they are located. This has put a premium on the ability for organizations to deploy enterprise-grade business file sharing as part of a comprehensive collaboration strategy.

However, a successful business file sharing solution is highly dependent on the performance of the wide area network (WAN). To enable effective file collaboration, many IT leaders have turned to some form of WAN optimization, only to discover that legacy WAN optimization technologies were not designed for file collaboration.

The Keys to WAN-Optimized File Collaboration

A WAN-optimized file collaboration strategy addresses the following:

  • Geographically dispersed teams sharing project files are assured that they are working with the most current version.
  • Delivers the best possible performance by allowing users to access project files on local servers.
  • Continuously replicates files as changes are made and reduces, or even eliminates, file conflicts and corruption by locking files that are in use, so multiple users cannot simultaneously update the same file.  
  • Reduces WAN utilization through the use of byte-level replication and synchronization and bandwidth management for the most efficient use of network resources.
  • Protection against unstable WAN links by enabling collaboration to continue in the event of a WAN failure and replication to resume after the WAN outage.

PeerLink - World-class File Collaboration Technology

Leading organizations around the world utilize PeerLink to meet business file sharing and collaboration requirements for their distributed project teams comprised of employees, contractors and partners.

Powered by DFSR+ technology, PeerLink is an enterprise-class solution focused exclusively on the needs of file collaboration users in Windows and NetApp storage environments.
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