File Locking for Microsoft DFSR – PeerLock

Distributed File Locking for Microsoft® DFS-R



We use Microsoft® DFS-R but we’re running into version conflicts more and more because of the missing file locking feature.
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File Locking with PeerLock


PeerLock integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® DFS-R to create a comprehensive collaboration environment.

PeerLock® provides network file locking while local shared files are in use. This ensures that when a user is modifying a file, no other user will be allowed to make changes to that file on any machine that is part of the PeerLock configuration.


PeerLock is an entry-level product originally designed to help organizations establish a file collaboration environment by adding file locking, a missing feature, to DFS-R. 


If you are not happy with the performance of DFS-R or have additional requirements, contact us for more information!


PeerLock installs within minutes without any end-user training.
Effective file sharing and collaboration with Microsoft DFSR & PeerLock.
Cost Effective
PeerLock is an entry-level product and offers the missing locking feature at a very competitive price.




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