File Collaboration

File Collaboration

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I need fast access to project files in my distributed team.
I need to solve the problems with failed access to remote files because of latency.

The business world has changed. Globalization has transformed employees into remote networkers where project resources are gathered based on talent and availability, regardless of location. As a result, project teams are spread across multiple cities, countries, continents and time zones. This creates a myriad of file collaboration challenges. The ability to share and collaborate on project data across multiple physical locations and possibly even across multiple domains is essential.


To effectively solve these challenges, organizations are seeking collaboration solutions which compensates for network latency problems across distributed teams.



The Solution

Above all PeerLink® was created to support file sharing and file collaboration for geographically dispersed project teams in an easy way.


Based on Peer’s DFSR+® technology, PeerLink enables real-time file replication. For the reason to ensure the same data exists on all participating storage systems, regardless of where changes may occur. Furthermore PeerLink is easy to install, powerful to use and seamless to end-users. 


Finally the integrated distributed file locking technology prevents users at different office locations from accessing a file that is already in use by a user at another location. Thus, version conflicts are prevented. 


More about PeerLink


Integrates with existing on-premise storage infrastructure.
Installs within minutes without any end-user training.
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Maximized end-user productivity by providing fast local access to shared project files

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