Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup


I want to replace my existing on-premises disk and tape backup solutions with cloud-based backup.


I want to utilize the cloud for a new backup strategy.

File data is growing exponentially across all companies. So it gets more and more difficult to keep pace with the never-ending demand for increased backup infrastructure. To solve this problem, backup administrators are looking for a way to limit on-premises backup infrastructure and to include cloud storage into their backup strategy. That is where Cloud Backup with PeerSync® comes in.

Cloud Backup with PeerSync

PeerSync enables you to integrate cloud storage into your back up processes. Backup storage requirements that were traditionally done via tape can now be replaced with public or private cloud storage. 


Integrated Failover: With replication of the exact structure of the files and folders and the DFS namespace integration we offer an automatic failover to the central dataset in the case of a branch office server failure. User can continue to access their data over a WAN link with minimal downtime.


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Integrates with existing on-premise storage infrastructure.
Replaces costly legacy branch office backup systems with real-time replication into the cloud.
High Availability
Real-time replication and DFS namespace integration offer the lowest possible RPO and RTO.


Powered by DFSR+®, PeerSync is built on a foundation of world-class replication and scanning technology that is designed to support nearly all major storage platforms.

Our API integration with major storage vendors enables real-time replication and minimizes bandwidth utilization because only changed portions of a file are replicated.

PeerSync works at the file level and is compatible with Microsoft® StorSimple, Scality and Amazon Cloud Gateways.


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