CAD File Collaboration

CAD File Collaboration

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Slow Access to central CAD project files is killing my productivity.
I need to collaborate on my CAD files with my contractors.

Today, project teams at engineering and manufacturing organisations are spread across cities, countries, continents and time zones. IT departments are tasked to deal with the huge challenges that result from a distributed team while users in branch offices are frustrated by the process of downloading and accessing large CAD project files from a central site that seems to take forever. To further add stress to the problem, files are sometimes overwritten or corrupted when they are synced back to the shared server. This can be very frustrating, but a proper CAD File Collaboration solution can help. 




PeerLink® is a software-only solution that enables remote teams to share and collaborate with large CAD files in real-time. CAD File Collaboration allows users at remote offices to collaborate with shared files as efficiently as co-workers being in the same office at the headquarter site.



Technology & Supported Platforms


Powered by DFSR+®,  PeerLink is built on a foundation of world-class file replication and distributed file locking technologies. PeerLink supports most major storage platforms and CAD/ BIM applications for CAD File Collaboration. 

Storage API integration enables real-time replication and minimizes bandwidth utilization because only the changed parts of a file are replicated across the offices. Distributed file locking prevents version conflicts across all the synchronized locations.


More about PeerLink


Increase productivity with fast access to local files.
Integrates with existing on-premise storage infrastructure and most major CAD/ BIM applications.
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Access shared, large project and design files  within seconds instead of minutes or hours.

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CAD File Collaboration





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